Funko Pop Hatching Raptor (EX)

Sale price8.500 KD


Funko Pop! Jurassic Park - Hatching Raptor #1442 (2023 Summer Convention Exclusive)


Surf’s Up! Catch a wave as we’re bringing the best of Funko’s 2023 Summer Convention Lineup to these chilly winter shores!

A raptor hatchling joins the 2023 Summer Convention Exclusive lineup as this adorable Pop! Vinyl Figure!

Inspired by life on Earth millions of years ago, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster film sees John Hammond, billionaire entrepreneur, construct a wildlife theme park containing dinosaurs cloned from prehistoric DNA. A breakdown of the island’s security system causes the primeval reptiles to break free–including ferocious predators.

Perfect timing! This Pop! Vinyl Figure has hatched and is ready to join your collection! Capturing a precious Jurassic Park moment in celebration of the film's 30th Anniversary, a baby raptor emerges from an egg, proving that life will not be contained. Life breaks free. Life... finds a way. 

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