Funko Pop Gomamon

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Funko Pop! Digimon - Gomamon #1386

Di! Di! Digimon! Protect your collection from the evil forces of the Digital World with Funko's new Digimon Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Launching in 1997, the Digimon franchise is based on digital pets known as Digimon, short for Digital Monsters. The series features a group of children who are transported to another world called the "Digital World", where each of them is partnered with a Digimon and become the "DigiDestined", tasked to save the Digital World from evil.

Gomamon is an aquatic, mammal like Digimon who is the partner of Joe Kido. Gomamon's care free and fun loving nature contrasts with Joe's worrying and rationalising personality, which sometimes causes them to butt heads, but their bond is unbreakable in the end.

Add Gomamon to your Funko collection today!

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