Funko Pop Albus w/Hog's Head Inn

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Funko Pop! Harry Potter - Albus Dumbledore with Hog's Head Inn Hogsmeade Diorama Deluxe #154

"Yeh get a lot o' funny folk in the Hog's Head..."

Don your robe and wizard hat, practice your Wingardium Leviosa, it's time to journey back to Hogwarts, because Funko are releasing an exciting new line of Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl Figures!

Take a trip out of Hogwarts to visit Hogsmeade! Dumbledore is standing in front of Hog's Head Inn in his signature wizard robes with a glass in hand. Did you know that the Hog's Head Inn is owned and operated by Albus' younger brother, Aberforth?

Build Hogsmeade by completing the Hogsmeade Diorama Deluxe Pop! Vinyl Figure set!

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